Dell Customer Service

Uh oh, be careful. Dell has a fragile website. It’s servers can’t handle simple requests to “Unsubscribe from all Dell e-mail marketing” because their servers are under too much stress. “Due to high traffic volume, we are unable to process your request at this time. Please try again later.”

Awwwe. Poor Dell can’t handle a simple request to stop pestering me. So, this is what I get for buying something from Dell (20″ widescreen LCD). Continuous nagging. I bet if I bought something else, their servers could handle that, but noooooo, a simple leave me the heck alone is way too much to ask. Thanks, Dell. And, congratulations, you just lost another customer. Perhaps that was a little too hasty. ;)

Update: Here are the screen shots from my multiple attempts to cancel, but ultimate failure.

Update 2: I tried again today (16 July) and it finally worked.

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